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eTime is an education consultancy supporting schools and organisations within New Zealand to develop and implement the vision, skills and strategies needed for success.

Current Services

Whole Brain Thinking and HBDI Profiling

eTime is certified to work with schools and businesses to improve staff thinking agility, teamwork, leadership and innovation using the Herrmann "Whole Brain Thinking Model", including HBDI profiling.

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Previous Services

Senior Management Leadership and Appraisal for Primary Schools

eTime is no longer providing Leadership and Appraisal services to schools. However, Faye Le Cren is still available on a limited basis as a consultant in Christchurch, e.g. for senior staff appointments. To contact Faye, please email faye@etime.co.nz.

Ultranet – School Website and Learning Management System

We decommissioned the Ultranet school website and Learning Management System in January 2023 which included all the websites hosted and managed by eTime. If there is still something you want to contact us about regarding Ultranet or your school's website, please email ultranet@etime.co.nz.