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Abdul Chohan (Apple Distinguished Educator) Seminar
Christchurch, Friday 19 June, 12.30 - 2pm.
eTime is fortunate to be hosting a visit by Abdul Chohan again this year. Abdul is an outstanding Apple Distinguished Educator from England. This FREE presentation is for primary, intermediate and secondary school principals, leaders and teachers. Abdul Chohan is a Director at Essa Academy, a school on the outskirts of Manchester. He has been instrumental in turning around what was previously a struggling school in an economically disadvantaged area to one that is now very successful with high academic results. Registrations close Friday 12 June.
eTime Virtual School- Week 4: Whalers & Sealers
Nationwide, 'Star Chasers, Sea Farers & Gold Diggers ~ Tales of Early NZ Settlers': Term 2
This week we look at the first European groups to live in New Zealand: the sealers and whalers. We look at where they came from, why they came, how they impacted New Zealand's marine life, and the hard life that they found here. This week's challenge is to write a sea shanty from the perspective of an early whaler or sealer in New Zealand, drawing on the traditional features of sea shanty lyrical structure. In an untraditional twist, we turn the tables to also hear verses from the perspective of a seal or whale at the time.
Workshop: iPads in the Classroom (Student / Teacher)
Nationwide, date upon arrangement
eTime offers iPad workshops for students and teachers within their own classrooms. These sessions are hands-on, project based and aligned to the specific needs of the class...
Workshop: iPad Game Creator (Student / Teacher)
Nationwide, date upon arrangement
Take your students on a journey of creativity and problem solving as they develop their own interactive iPad game in this in-school student/teacher workshop. Students will investigate what makes a good game. They will then plan, design and create a game to be uploaded and enjoyed by players from all over the world...
Workshop: iPads for Alternative Learners
Nationwide, various dates.
A new workshop that will help you to rethink the way iPads can be used with students, and especially those with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and/or on the Autism Spectrum...
Workshop: Redefining Learning with iPads
Nationwide, various dates.
Explore how iPads can redefine the way students learn in your classroom. Using Dr. Ruben Puentedura's SAMR model, participants will explore a variety of apps that will push the iPad past skill & drill and into higher order thinking and creativity....