eTime is a New Zealand based education consultancy. We provide a range of services to support schools and other organisations in developing and implementing the vision, skills and strategies needed for success.   
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eTime's Virtual School: Week 2
One Screen Two Screen Red Screen Blue Screen. Term 2, 2016.
Nationwide. For students.

This week we look at the journey of cinema- from the beginnings of the moving image, through to movies with sound and colour, to modern cinema featuring the latest technology. We discover the nature of stereoscopic vision which allows movie makers to recreate a 3D experience on screen, and the optical illusion called 'persistence of vision' which causes static film images to appear to move. To recreate this optical illusion we will create our own thaumatropes, merging two single images into one.
Coding in the Classroom - Where do I start?
Christchurch: Monday 23 May (1pm - 4pm)
For primary / intermediate teachers.

Are you keen to arm your students with the skills and understandings to become digitally literate, creative, adaptive problem solvers of the future? Are you aware of the Coding movement but unsure of how to get started? This workshop has been crafted for teachers who may have limited or no experience with coding (computer programming) but are keen to get started.  
Empowering Young Writers through Digital Tools
Christchurch: Wednesday 25th May (9am - 3pm)
For primary / intermediate teachers.

This workshop is designed for teachers who seek to motivate and inspire their learners to write. We will explore a range of iPad and Google apps that can enhance the writing process and open up new and exciting opportunities for our students, whether they be already enthusiastic writers looking for enrichment, or reluctant writers looking for motivation.
Google Apps Support
Nationwide, date upon arrangement. 
For teachers & admin staff.

eTime offers a range of professional development solutions for primary and intermediate schools who are looking to utilise the GAFE suite to its best potential.
Classroom-based iPad Workshops
Nationwide, date upon arrangement. 
For teachers & students.

This popular model of professional development sees students and teachers learning alongside each other, in the context of the classroom programme. Each workshop typically takes place in an hour and a half block and delivered in the classroom/learning communities with the students and teacher/s...
Herrmann Whole Brain® Profiling
Nationwide, date upon arrangement. 
For teachers.

The success of any business, school or organisation depends upon the brain power of its members to achieve its goals. The Herrmann “Whole Brain Model” is based on proven research into how people think and communicate. By drawing on the combined analytical, organisational, strategic and interpersonal skills that it takes to succeed, organisations are able to harness the thinking preferences of every individual for a complete Return on Intelligence™.