eTime is an education consultancy company leading innovation in learning throughout New Zealand. We provide a range of services to support schools and other organisations in developing and implementing the vision, skills and strategies needed for success.   
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Introducing Google Apps
Christchurch: 6 April | Dunedin: 18 April
For teachers.

Are you new to Google Apps for Education or are currently using GAFE in your school and would like to better understand and master the tools that you have available to you?  The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to explore and build confidence with features of GAFE.
Google Apps Support
Nationwide, date upon arrangement. 
For teachers & admin staff.

eTime offers a range of professional development solutions for primary and intermediate schools who are looking to utilise the GAFE suite to its best potential.
eTime's Virtual School: Enrol for Term 1
Robots. Term 1, 2016.
Nationwide. For students.

Science fiction comes alive in today's real advancements in robotic technology. This term we will look at the history of machines doing human jobs as well the latest in robotic design and artificial intelligence. Robots who are assisting doctors, putting out fires for the military, reporting from Mars, Google's self driving car, warfare drones, and social robots that are learning to say 'no' - just what do these inventions mean for the world? Can robots really think? Just what is the difference between a robot and a human? This term's content is inspired by the latest news in technology, to excite and inform, but to also explore the wider issues surrounding robotic technology.
Classroom-based iPad Workshops
Nationwide, date upon arrangement. 
For teachers & students.

This popular model of professional development sees students and teachers learning alongside each other, in the context of the classroom programme. Each workshop typically takes place in an hour and a half block and delivered in the classroom/learning communities with the students and teacher/s...
Herrmann Whole Brain® Profiling
Nationwide, date upon arrangement. 
For teachers.

The success of any business, school or organisation depends upon the brain power of its members to achieve its goals. The Herrmann “Whole Brain Model” is based on proven research into how people think and communicate. By drawing on the combined analytical, organisational, strategic and interpersonal skills that it takes to succeed, organisations are able to harness the thinking preferences of every individual for a complete Return on Intelligence™.