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eTime is an education consultancy company "leading innovation in learning" within Canterbury and other parts of New Zealand. We provide a range of services to support schools and other organisations in developing and implementing the vision, skills and strategies needed for success. Read more....
eTime Virtual School: Enrolments close Thursday
21 October 2014
A reminder that enrolments for Virtual School this term close this Thursday. Visit the website for more details.
eTime Virtual School: Enrolments open for Term 4 - Space: The Final Frontier
8 October 2014
In term 4 of The Virtual School we take a virtual trip into the final frontier to unravel some of the mysteries of the fascinating universe that surrounds us. What is a star? We learn to think about the stars outside our window in a new way, exploring their life-cycles from formation, to red giants, to black holes. We then create our very own star by constructing a scientifically based 3D model of the sun. Would they need sunglasses on Venus? In an investigation into the planets in our solar system we explore what these environments are actually like, imagining what an alien from one of these planets may look like, and why. Read more...
Inclusive Learning with iPads course: Tour update
2 October 2014
This week eTime Facilitator Danny Bedingfield brings the 'Inclusive Learning with iPads' course to Wellington. Here's a snapshot of the great group that gathered at Porirua yesterday. The tour continues! Read more about this course...