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What's happening in eTime Virtual School this week?
The Tiny World of Creepy Crawlies, Week 4, Term 3, 2015.
Nationwide. For students.

This week we look at some of the similarities and differences between bees, bumblebees and wasps. In particular we look at the honeybee, and the problem it is currently facing. We then take our learning out into the world as we address the plight of the honeybee, by documenting positive action in our own gardens.
Getting Confident with Google Apps
Christchurch - 9 September  |  Dunedin - 5 October  |  Timaru - 20 October
For Primary/Intermediate Teachers or School Administrators
Are you new to Google Apps for Education or are currently using GAFE in your school and would like to better understand and master the tools that you have available to you? The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to explore and build confidence with the features of GAFE that can be used to empower our learners with easily accessed online tools, enable effective collaboration among students and teachers as well as benefit you at a personal level, bringing an exciting level of efficiency to your day to day administration and planning...
Transformative Thinking through iPad Apps
Christchurch - 14 September  |  Dunedin - 6 October  |  Timaru - 21 October
For Primary/Intermediate teachers.
This hands-on, project-based workshop is designed to enable participants to explore a carefully considered collection of apps that encourage creative, reflective and critical thinking. Participants will work through a collection of learning experiences that can easily be applied back in their classrooms and demonstrate new, exciting and powerful opportunities for our students to learn across the curriculum...
Classroom-based iPad Workshops
Nationwide, date upon arrangement. 
For teachers & students.

This popular model of professional development sees students and teachers learning alongside each other, in the context of the classroom programme. Each workshop typically takes place in an hour and a half block and delivered in the classroom/learning communities with the students and teacher/s...
Workshop: iPad Game Creator
Nationwide, date upon arrangement. 
For teachers & students.

Take your students on a journey of creativity and problem solving as they develop their own interactive iPad game in this in-school student/teacher workshop. Students will investigate what makes a good game. They will then plan, design and create a game to be uploaded and enjoyed by players from all over the world. Key to the students' success will be co-operation, creativity and the ability to problem solve as their game evolves...