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iPads for Alternative Learners
Wellington, 6 July during holidays.
iPads have become one of the most popular learning technologies within New Zealand Classrooms. They provide high levels of student engagement and there is an ever growing selection of educational apps. A key strength of the iPad lies in its accessibility features, and the ways it can break down barriers to learning for those struggling to access the curriculum in traditional ways. In this new 2015 workshop, Danny Bedingfield will help you to rethink the way iPads can be used with students, and especially those with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and/or on the Autism Spectrum. The workshop has a key focus on literacy, assisting students with reading and writing and achieving higher levels of comprehension. It also focuses on practical ways for students to incorporate the iPad within their day to day learning. Participants will be given time to explore apps that promote creativity and higher order thinking. The workshop will also cover the new features of iOS8 and how they can assist with learning.
iPad Coding & Game Creation
Wellington, 7 July during holidays.
Take a journey of creativity and problem solving as you develop your own interactive iPad game in this highly engaging and hands-on workshop. You will investigate ways to build coding skills with your students. Beginning with a drag and drop interface and progressing to learning the basics of a variety of programming languages.  You will also investigate what makes a good game, then plan, design and create a game. This process will promote co-operation, creativity and the ability to problem solve as the game evolves. There will be an opportunity to discuss how this workshop relates to classroom teaching/learning and how to promote more creative and critical thinking amongst your students using iPads.
Transformative Learning through iPad Apps
Christchurch only, Friday 17 July ~ during holidays.
This hands-on, project-based workshop is designed to enable participants to explore a carefully considered collection of apps that encourage creative, reflective and critical thinking. Participants will work through a collection of learning experiences that can easily be applied back in their classrooms and demonstrate new, exciting and powerful opportunities for our students to learn across the curriculum. Learning experiences include: Digital storytelling, Animation, Coding, Photography.
Getting Confident with Google Apps
Christchurch, Thursday 16 July, 9-3pm ~ during holidays  
Are you new to Google Apps for Education or are currently using Google Apps for Education in your school and would like to better understand and master the tools that you have available to you?  The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to explore and build confidence with the features of GAFE that can: be used to empower our learners with easily accessed online tools, enable effective collaboration among students and teachers & benefit you at a personal level, bringing an exciting level of efficiency to your day to day administration and planning.
eTime Virtual School- Week 7: The Melting Pot
Nationwide, 'Star Chasers, Sea Farers & Gold Diggers ~ Tales of Early NZ Settlers': Term 2
This week we look at some of the cultural groups who have arrived in more recent times, bringing with them their own unique heritage. We then consider how each of us tie into New Zealand's history as a multi-cultural country, by creating a family tree which goes back at least 3 generations.
Workshop: iPads in the Classroom (Student / Teacher)
Nationwide, date upon arrangement
eTime offers iPad workshops for students and teachers within their own classrooms. These sessions are hands-on, project based and aligned to the specific needs of the class...
Workshop: iPad Game Creator (Student / Teacher)
Nationwide, date upon arrangement
Take your students on a journey of creativity and problem solving as they develop their own interactive iPad game in this in-school student/teacher workshop. Students will investigate what makes a good game. They will then plan, design and create a game to be uploaded and enjoyed by players from all over the world...