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Term 3, 2016
Machines to Save the World
For students in academic years 5 - 8

Right now, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there’s a plastic rubbish heap bigger than Texas- and growing. To clean this using vessels and nets would take thousands of years. A young Dutch inventor has just designed a contraption to clean half of it in 10. Underneath the streets of New York in an abandoned building, the Lowland Lab is quietly growing a park with an aluminum solar canopy. Want to know about the air you’re breathing? Now you can keep a pollution detector in your pocket. Soon you’ll be able to wear it. From lettuce skyscrapers and portable tiny houses to water bottles that dissolve when empty- we discuss the urgent environmental problems facing the world today and the remarkable inventions being developed to solve them in a global effort for a cleaner, greener future. Visit the Virtual School for more info.